Individuals and Change

Change is fundamental to growth and entities cannot afford to ignore its importance. My previous place of work being the hotel industry faces the need to modify the work dynamics given the booms and peaks of work. During the low season, there was a need to restructure the work teams and to reduce the staff at work. Laying off staff is a sensitive issue that requires extensive consultation to mitigate the negative impact. However, the management and the human resources team decided to lay off people by indicating they did not meet the job requirement citing either health or personal background. There was no notice period for the people or a redundancy package. It left the other staff demotivated and worried they would lose their jobs in a similar manner.

Successful project implementation occurred in the same year during an expansion that involved the construction of a semi-permanent camping area for guests. The implementation required the engagement of top management and lower level staff to get ideas on how to make the project successful. The ideas were incorporated into the project making it a unique place that attracted a high number of clientele.

The implementation of both projects entailed the engagement of staff from all levels. Additionally, the success or failure of both projects had a tremendous impact on the success or failure of the entity. The difference in the implementation process was the engagement and consultation. In the successful project, the involvement of people provided a platform for innovation through the provision of ideas. In the instance of poor implementation, they did not consult and prepare people for the change and thereby did not foresee the negative impact.